Campus updates from President Lyle 鲁洛夫•

As part of its decision to re-open for on-campus activities, the 管理委员会 has, under the authority of 推荐十大靠谱网赌平台’s 董事会 and the President, put in place a number of temporary policies intended to promote the health and safety of all its employees and students, particularly those participating in on-campus activities. These policies follow extensive work by various planning groups and other bodies comprised of administrators, 教师, 教职员工和学生. For the convenience of all members of the campus community, this page collects these policies as well as various official communications from the President, the 管理委员会 and other designated administrators.

Please note that these policies have been enacted only for the duration of the current public health emergency and supplement the standing policies of the College as conveyed through our official statements, 包括教员手册, the Employee Handbook and the Student Handbook. Where the College’s standing policies are silent or in conflict with these temporary health and safety measures, 后者将控制, until such time as the Governor ends his emergency declaration.

Please also note that, for the well-being of all concerned, these policies will be 严格执行.

An update from the Child Development Lab (CDL)

To ensure children are consistently cared for in an appropriate and respectful manner, the Child Development Lab (CDL) has an updated operating plan in place. The information includes guidance on how to respond if the CDL receives or identified COVID-19 symptoms, exposure or positive test results regarding CDL staff or labor students, a child or a child’s family member.